Raphael Jose Martinez (konamicode) wrote,
Raphael Jose Martinez

One Less E-Friend May Mean One Less Real Friend.

im on a fucking roll. i should probably have another issue of the zine out in a month or so. thatd be way fucking rad. then i can take a little break from it. im thinking of making them thicker. maybe 60 pages instead of 40. id also like to focus a litle more on my new band. id like to be able to start playing out sometime in november. weve got 3 finished songs right now. a 4th finished one that ive got to teach the guys, and a 5th that weve been working on to no final completion yet. i figure that we get those done, come up with 3 more and a cover and weve got ourselves a nice short set.

my new work schedule goes into effect next week. im kinda stoked. thursday - saturday off. 4 days on, 3 days off is fine enough for me. im going to wait a couple of weeks before i ask for it to be changed. i think i want to work 1st shift. im kinda reluctant since itd be my first 1st shift job in about 3 years. but i think itd be better for me.

megan de-friended me on the myspace. me and my zine. she takes the internet rather seriously.
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