Raphael Jose Martinez (konamicode) wrote,
Raphael Jose Martinez

Never Going To Sleep Again.

for some reason i was lethargic as fuck yesterday. i read so many different things at work that i dont remember. just plain zombie reading. then i came home, watched some cartoons, listened to the a-side of depeche modes violator and fell asleep. then i got woken up around 1:30 am by a phone call. from who? jackie. it was nice. even though i was totally asleep for the first couple of minutes of it. the first thing i remember her asking is "were you actually asleep." it was great. im really glad that after 2 1/2 years of not talking to each other we can again. ive always really liked her. we were just different people when we were first hanging out. its nice to see that differences get settled, or completely thrown to the wayside over time. shit that would really get to me before doesnt faze me at all. neither one of us are black and goddamn fucking white anymore. i was glad to spend time with her in carbondale when i went back last time. she used to be a really good friend of mine. people changes. and its nice.

finally things to look forward to!

randomn travels. riot fest. new issue of my zine out. another issue coming out soon. new band. switching rooms. possible dj set at the riverhorse. yeah!

ive been listening to interviews on the sound of young america podcast. miranda july, patton oswalt, zach galifinakis, george saunders, andrew wk. its awesome. jamie turned me on to this. and its even better because she does the promo intro on the patton oswalt interview! yeah!

i think im gonna head to office depot. theres a defiance ohio/lefty loosie show tonight that i wouldnt mind going to and selling/handing out zines at.
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