Raphael Jose Martinez (konamicode) wrote,
Raphael Jose Martinez


ive been the kind of busy lately which isnt all that busy at all. just time killing. lots of reading and song writing. ive slacked a little on the zine. but thatll be done by the end of the month at the latest. hopefully by the end of next week. but lets be realistic.

girl stuff has come up. dont know what to do. dont really care either. ive been either apathetic or simply fucking annoyed by it. mostly the latter. annoying isnt charming. then again, my apathy probably isnt either.

olivia is coming up for a while. thats nice. carbondale faces are generally the friendliest.

and how about this...my new band hasnt even played a show yet, but were recording for our 7" a week from saturday. brinos going to help put it out. fucking awesome.

i finally switched rooms and am totally happy. my room is stellar and its the living environment that is perfect for me. a little bit of space, filled with ornamental clutter.

so it looks like im going to chicago on saturday with erik o. holy shit/krunchies show. its gonna be rad.
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