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In Every Corner.

The sudden change in weather has left me wondering if theres anything left to hope for. i dont know if i want to live in a world where one its sleeveless t-shirt cut-off shorts bike ride weather and the next day its pants hoodie/vest combo. fuck that. i need consistency.

ive got some social velocitation going on. three years in milwaukee has made faster. carbondale takes its casually. no need to rehash it out. no need to worry about it. unfortunately it seems that will all this extra time, theres nothing to do but dwell. and the last time it got like that i loaded up a van and moved 8 hours away.

but even without any real plans, im enjoying myself. ive just got to get motivated. theres no reason to not accomplish all the ideas i have. its like ive ever reached for the stars to begin with. but im sure if i did, id get what i wanted eventually any way.

i just need some touchstone between here and there. with all the moving around over the years, ive never had that. well, i did for a while in milwaukee when carbondale started moving up. but then they just became milwaukee. well, started dating milwaukee and stopped hanging out. or simply moved back.

at least theres summer. swimming and shows and bike rides and tattoos and travelling can turn a down man up. or least turn an empty day into a life's milestone.
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