Raphael Jose Martinez (konamicode) wrote,
Raphael Jose Martinez


being that its 2010, and nothing is better than its ever been, there is good reason to complain. prefect reason to be utterly fucking miserable. promises havent been kept. nothing has actually come to fruition. our dreams, their dreams, have amounted to nothing more than book-keeping and control groups. nothings is as we thought it would be.

so here we are.

here i am.

the solipsistic aspect of my existing wont let me ask this any other way: how the fuck else am i supposed to feel?!

mind that interrobang; im just as curious as i am upset. afterall, why should i be questioning why the fuck at 28 im wrestling the same situations as i was at 23, 20, 16...

i suppose i'll just run more conversation in my head. let the ticker tape spew on.

better to lose without fighting that to win on a fools gambit.
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