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got stuck on campus for a while today. actually, i was hailed out of 80 MPH winds by a deaf 3rd shift cleaning lady into a basement. made for interesting conversation.

now im sitting here highlighting a chomsky excerpt while listening to new order. i feel like im fucking 14 years old.

id ask the inherently self-depricating "what am i doing with my life" question, but i already know the answer. im doing what i want. 14 year old me would be stoked. not that im doing the same thing (cause 14 year old me would think that was boring as fuck) but that im doing what i want to do on my own terms.

im not necessarily happy with all the decisions ive made in this past 14 years, but thats fine. im quite happy knowing that ive lived my life without compromising vision or values.

now back to work.
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